Younext Healthcare is a company specialised in the design and manufacture of customised health-related products using the most advanced 3D printing technology.

Younext Healthcare was founded with the aim of designing any type of personalised product through 3D scanning systems, design, and manufacturing using additive manufacturing technology.
We are one of the most advanced 3D printing and additive manufacturing labs in the world. Thanks to our technology, we manufacture personalised products with high performance and excellent quality.



Customised shoe lasts

Customised shoe lasts are a product patented by Podoactiva and are being used by many of the world’s top footballers. These are successfully used in cases of hallux deformity and hammertoes that are common in many other patient types.


Using 3D scanning of the feet and shoes, a customised shoe lasts is designed and 3D printed to “break in” the shoe before its first use. This allows the shoe to fit perfectly to the geometry of the feet and thus prevent foot conditions such as blisters, worsening of existing pathologies, etc.


Shin guard

Shin guards adapted to the exact geometry of the leg thanks to 3D scanning of the tibias. Through our patented technology and our team of engineers, we can manufacture the best possible shin guard for you, unique in design and shape. The world’s best footballers protect their legs with Younext Elite Protection shin guards.



Customised protective masks are designed to selectively protect the athlete’s facial injury. Based on 3D scanning of the player’s face, a protective mask is designed that is fully adapted to the geometry of their face. By not using physical moulds (plaster) and doing it through 3D scanning, a total adaptation is guaranteed without reducing peripheral vision. The manufacturing process is carried out using 3D printing, subsequently applying materials used in the aerospace industry such as carbon fibre, a material with high impact absorption capacity.


Haglund's protection

Haglund’s syndrome is a pathology characterised by the presence of an exostosis in the area of the insertion of the Achilles tendon in the back of the heel. Younext Healthcare’s Haglund protection offers a conservative solution to this pathology. Based on the scanning of the patient’s heel, a completely personalised protection is designed for the offloading of the exostosis area and to avoid problems of rubbing with the shoe.