Precise data on body movement

IMUs (Inertial Measurement Units) from Podoactiva are electronic devices that measure the acceleration, angular velocity, and orientation of a moving object. These devices are used especially in biomechanics and sports performance evaluation. At Podoactiva, we use IMUs in our biomechanical studies with patients. It is a gait or sporting gesture analysis technology used to collect precise data on body movement. IMUs are placed on the feet and different parts of the lower limb, such as ankles, thighs, and pelvis, to record real-time motion data.

We can calculate spatiotemporal variables such as:
podoactiva IMU´S

In addition, angular kinematics are calculated by obtaining compared data on ankle, knee, and hip flexion-extension, foot inversion-eversion, and ankle, knee, and hip trajectories All this data is compared to identify significant asymmetries, if any exist.


This data is used to identify abnormal or inefficient movement patterns that can cause injuries or reduce sports performance. In addition, data collected by IMUs is used to customize insoles and develop specific training plans for each athlete in collaboration with other specialists.


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