about podoactiva

Podoactiva was founded in Huesca, Spain in 2006 by podiatrists Víctor Alfaro and Javier Alfaro and is a biotechnology-based company specialised in podiatry and biomechanics. It is dedicated to improving patients’ quality of life through the improvement of their gait and biomechanics.

Leading Europe in its specialty, Podoactiva applies the knowledge and experience of its multidisciplinary team of engineers, physicists and podiatrists. The goal is to apply innovative technology to help diagnose, design and manufacture ultra personalised treatments for its patients.

Podoactiva currently has 28 Podoactiva clinics at street level and more than 150 hospital units. Present across the world in Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Andorra, Costa Rica, Honduras, Poland, Slovenia and Egypt.

Podoactiva’s specialisation in sport has resulted in us treating more than 5,000 professional athletes and being the official podiatry providers of multiple La Liga and Premier League teams, the Spanish Golf, Basketball and athletics federations and the Spanish Olympic and Paralympic Committees. The technology used at the highest levels of sport is not exclusive to athletes and is effective in assessing and treating all patient and pathologies.

The drive for Podoactiva now is to share and develop this capability which has been developed over the 25 years, utilising treatment data from more than 1 million patients worldwide.

Clinicas Podoactiva

+ 28 clinics


+ 150 hospital units


+ 10 countries

años experiencia

+ 25 years of experience

Pie mas plantilla

1Million patients treated

Podoactiva Headquarters

Podoactiva HQ is than 10,000m₂ and dedicated to research, development. It is dedicated to improvement of technologies and treatments offered by Podoactiva to your patients.

The headquarters is located in the Walqa Technological Park (Huesca, Spain), and currently consists of two large centres. In 2023 the planned expansion starts construction of ´Podoactiva Sportech´. A 6,000m₂ sports facilities with fully sensorised athletics track, football pitch, basketball and paddle courts to analyse the sporting biomechanics of athletes and even teams in real situations, thus becoming one of the most complete biomechanics laboratories in the world


Two human performance clinic rooms with the installed with the best biomechanical technology required: Podoactiva 3D scan, 4D system, IMUS, instrumented insoles ultrasound, Optogait, ski simulator, bike fitting workshop and onsite radiology.


We utilize the most modern technology and equipment to meet patient needs, conduct research, and educate our dedicated team of Podoactiva podiatrists.


A spacious area with the most modern facilities for biomechanical analysis of cyclists.


A large space dedicated to the company’s communication.


A display of treatments for the most prominent athletes treated by Podoactiva and awards received.


A Podoactiva subsidiary dedicated to the design and manufacture of customised shin guards.


Research and development of treatments for any other part of the body and development of customised instruments for the surgical field.)


A recording studio for WAPS, Podoactiva’s online podiatry academy.


The most innovative 3D printing technology.


The first robotized production line for the manufacture of insoles.

Podoactiva Sportech

Podoactiva Sportech is an ambitious project that incorporates technology for biomechanical analysis of athletes in real game situations. This sports complex will feature an athletics track, a football field, a paddle tennis court, and a 3×3 basketball court.


The facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art sports surfaces, incorporating various technologies to biomechanically analyze athletes in their real game situations. Podoactiva Sportech will position Podoactiva at the forefront of research in the field of biomechanics.


In this way, we reaffirm our commitment to continue growing in the Walqa Technology Park in Huesca. The sports complex will be located between the two buildings of the Podoactiva Headquarters, with over 4,000 square meters dedicated to the development, research, and manufacturing of personalised treatments in podiatry and biomechanics.